About Me



Hi! I’m Darcie Lee.
I live in De Smet, SD and I serve three counties of women of all ages by working as a labor and delivery nurse at night and teaching yoga & fitness classes throughout the week. My daily goal with every interaction I have is to empower women to find their inner strength, whether that is through teaching a yoga pose, supporting a mom through intense contractions, or finding the most supportive sports bra so my customer feels her best during her workout.

When I started practicing yoga, the closest teacher was two hours away. So I did what all resourceful women do, and taught myself the practice. In 2014, I became a certified & registered yoga teacher through Lotus House of Yoga in Omaha, NE.

I’ve taught Vinyasa yoga in De Smet for over three years and love introducing new styles, transitions, workshops, and classes to the weekly & monthly lineup. I also love that the average age of my yoga student is 55 years old and the confidence shown in their bodies & practices increases every week. I believe in the power of yoga & I believe that there is a yoga practice for every body, including yours. I also believe in coffee, naps, and eating my son’s Cheetos with a glass of wine in the bathtub after he goes to bed (that part didn’t fit on my sweatshirt), because life is too short to take exercise so seriously you can’t enjoy your hard work.

Whether you are dropping by for a Laura Ingalls Wilder tour or are a lifelong resident of De Smet, you are welcome in my classes. Even if you’ve never practiced yoga before and all you did was lay in Savasana (we’ve all been there before), then I’m grateful to provide that space for you.

See you in Savasana,


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